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last update:

I was using version and decided to upgrade to the latest (and skip the beta .30). After restarting Skype, I got a famous “password corrupted, inform skype” message. Anyway, my fix was going into Keychain Access, and deleting both Skype and Skype.credentials entries.

Grease you monkey

Greasemonkey is one of the most powerful features of Firefox. It allows you to attach small javascript files to existing Websites to change them in ways that make them more useful to the user. I’ve used them in special ocasions but Firefox is not my main browser (that task goes to Safari), so I’m not a regular user. If you want to see a nice example (with screencast) of a Greasemonkey script, look no further than this.

Just for experimental value

So my new cable modem backup service is a per-usage plan. When I connect my computer, I have to go to a specific web site and authenticate. Then I’m able to connect to everywhere. The thing is, before authentication, I can ping anywhere on the internet. hmms… Ping Tunnel: sending TCP traffic over ICMP I think I’m going to set this up, for experimental purposes of course. Update: OK, I couldn’t wait to get home.

The mac mini is here

I ordered a Mac mini last February 14. It was meant to be a present to my sister. Her birthday was April 4. It’s now May 26, and yesterday I finally got the Mac mini. It’s not the exact spec I wanted. I ordered the 1.2Ghz with Aiport+Bluethoot and 512Mb RAM and a 80Gb disk drive. I got a 1.42Ghz with 1Gb RAM. The other specs where the same. I had to pay the difference but I prefer that than have to wait another month or so.

Gloria, Aleluia

I finally have internet at home. For now, I’m using a cable modem with a per-usage plan. It will be my backup link after the ADSL is installed. The ADSL should be ready in two weeks, it seems. For now, I have a 256/128k link, costing 30 Euro cents per block of 10 minutes. With ADSL, I’m getting a 2Mb/256k link for 22 Euro per month.

Simple AJAX

I’ve been seeing a lot of AJAX stuff in the last coupple of weeks. I also have been trying to use BackPackit on a regular base. But until I read this article, I didn’t noticed how simple it really is… I’ll have to try it sometime.

I wish this could happen here

Check out I quote my favorite part The plaintiffs do not know the identity of the persons they wish to sue, let alone the details of precisely what was done by each of them such as to actually prove infringement. Such facts would only be established after examination at trial. […] It is sufficient that they show a bona fide claim, i.e., they they really do intend to bring an action for infringement of copyright based on the information that they obtain, and that there is no other improper purpose for seeking the identity of these persons.

Killing me softly

I just saw this post about installing Fedora Core 4 on a Mac Mini. Well, yeah, you can do it, but it’s a waste of money on a Mac to run a great operating system that does not take advantage of the hardware. An Apple Macintosh is not only hardware, it’s a totally experience, a marriage between hardware and software. Yes, you can fool around with a mistress, but there is really no need.

Sorry 'bout that

So I had 700+ comments to approve today. And in the middle of those, about 10 of real people. Sorry about that you all. Basically I never got the emails to approve the comments, and that sucks. I think I need a RSS feed of pending comments. Anyway, the comment listing in Moveable Type sucks. You can’t filter by text (all those Casino posts) and you can do LIKE in SQL either.