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The mac mini is here

I ordered a Mac mini last February 14. It was meant to be a present to my sister. Her birthday was April 4.

It’s now May 26, and yesterday I finally got the Mac mini.

It’s not the exact spec I wanted. I ordered the 1.2Ghz with Aiport+Bluethoot and 512Mb RAM and a 80Gb disk drive. I got a 1.42Ghz with 1Gb RAM. The other specs where the same. I had to pay the difference but I prefer that than have to wait another month or so.

Anyway, the Mac mini came with 10.3.x, no Tiger. And I didn’t find the upgrade coupon inside. I’ll have to talk to Apple Portugal tomorrow (it’s a religious holiday today). And I have to find a screen to install the beast before giving it to my sister.

But bottom line: it took 3 months and 11 days from order to delivery. To be an Apple user in Portugal, you need to train your patience, it seems.