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Just for experimental value

So my new cable modem backup service is a per-usage plan. When I connect my computer, I have to go to a specific web site and authenticate. Then I’m able to connect to everywhere.

The thing is, before authentication, I can ping anywhere on the internet.


Ping Tunnel: sending TCP traffic over ICMP

I think I’m going to set this up, for experimental purposes of course.

Update: OK, I couldn’t wait to get home. Download the software, run make on the client and the server, start the ptunnel on the server. On my laptop, run it and redirect port 22 of the remote server to 8765 of my localhost. Try a ssh session on top. Worked first time. It took me less than 3 minutes to do it all.

Update 2: Yes, it works with my cable provider and it’s metered service. Large transfers are a bit flaky but occasional ssh sessions work very well.