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Sorry 'bout that

So I had 700+ comments to approve today. And in the middle of those, about 10 of real people. Sorry about that you all.

Basically I never got the emails to approve the comments, and that sucks. I think I need a RSS feed of pending comments.

Anyway, the comment listing in Moveable Type sucks. You can’t filter by text (all those Casino posts) and you can do LIKE in SQL either. And you can’t filter to show only pending comments.

Or should I said couldn’t.

I made a small patch to Moveable Type 3.14 (when I upgrade to 3.16, I’ll update the patch). It adds match semantics to each field (implemented in the DBI back-end with LIKE), adds support to filter by text and URL, and also adds a small checkbox to show only pending comments.

With these two new features, it was a breeze to clean up 700+ comments. I could not report most of them to MT-BlackList, it kept complaining about too many URLs, so I just deleted them.

Anyway, I can now go and read all those comments I didn’t get the first time around. BTW, please check the feed you are subscribing. There is one of them which includes the full comments. That would be my recommendation.