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You know, its not too soon to start thinking about christmas presents. And to make it easier on all of you who are dyeing to know what to get me, I'll save you some time: FPV RC Racer. The clock is ticking...

A docking station

When I get to the office every morning, I need to plug all my external cables stuff. My laptop ends up looking like this: I wonder if Apple could make a Laptop with a connector for a docking station. I think their version of the concept is called "Second Mac at the Office".

Mobile Me

I haven't seen the Keynote yet (holiday in Portugal, spending the time with the kids out in the sun), but I did a quick drive-by-browsing across the Mobile Me Guided tour. I found the shorter video, about the Web version of the applications (at the bottom of the Mobile Me features page), much more interesting. The following details got my attention: the video demos are done not only with Safari on the Mac but also Firefox and IE7 on Windows;the URLs shown jump from http to https and back: it seems that secure access will be available, at least to the application, no mention of secure iDisk access;no support for IE6: the web applications will not support IE6.

iPhone 3G

I've completed the reservation process for my iPhone 3G this morning. I've asked for a 16Gb model. They don't have a box to select the white or black version, so I'll have to double check on that soon. My current mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson 608i will be two years old at the time I upgrade so my "upgrade phone every two years"-rule seems to hold up. Reading over the material online, it has most of what I wanted: 3G, and built-in GPS.

Sl^Hnow Leopard

It's now 10.5.3 time and I'm still running 10.4.11. That alone should tell you something about how I feel about Leopard. The Snow Leopard approach, a OS-cycle dedicated to "just" stabilization and performance, is a welcome investment on the part of Apple. It's interesting though. It seems that Apple is saying: we can invest an year just to digest and make what we have better, because there is no competition for the next 2 years at least.

LazyWeb: mode lines and encoding

Hi all, does anybody knows if I can modify the encoding that should be used with a specific file using mode lines? I have a project with a mix of utf8 and iso-8859-1 files, and I would like to "mode-line"-them to the proper encoding so that I don't have to remind me to do it. Thanks

Sometimes I need to send someone a bit of code in the local LAN, or even to myself on the second Mac. It would be nice to: pbpaste | publish_local_lan And on the other side: receive_local_lan from_melo | pbcopy There are a lot of tools like that the run under Mac OS X, but today I found one that can be run from the command-line: pastejour. Installation is trivial: sudo gem install dnssd sudo gem install jbarnette-pastejour --source=http://gems.

RailsConf 2008 Git Tech Talk

Scott Chancon did a huge presentation (523 slides...), Getting Git, at RailConf 2008. Don't be scared by the number of slides, the presentation is excellent and you'll end up with a huge knowledge of git. Extremely recommended.

Doing quick hack sessions in a local LAN with friends using git just got a lot easier. Evan announced gitjour, a Bonjour-enabled Git server. You can start a server for any repository on your laptop/workstation and others can browse the available repositories and easily clone them. There is already a lot of work going around gitjour by a couple of developers, so it has a nice future ahead. Nice...

I've moved the Search in Project With ack TextMate command to GitHub. In the process I've included a change by Corey Jewett to respect the selected files in the project drawer, and I've also added support for the TM_ACK_COMMAND_PATH variable, in case your ack copy is somewhere strange. There is an open TODO (catch popen errors if the ack command is not found), but I need to freshen up my ruby skill.