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Mobile Me

I haven't seen the Keynote yet (holiday in Portugal, spending the time with the kids out in the sun), but I did a quick drive-by-browsing across the Mobile Me Guided tour.

I found the shorter video, about the Web version of the applications (at the bottom of the Mobile Me features page), much more interesting.

The following details got my attention:

  • the video demos are done not only with Safari on the Mac but also Firefox and IE7 on Windows;
  • the URLs shown jump from http to https and back: it seems that secure access will be available, at least to the application, no mention of secure iDisk access;
  • no support for IE6: the web applications will not support IE6. Is this the start of a trend? I know that a lot of web developers would love to drop IE6;
  • support for Apple TV: you should see an Apple TV upgrade with support for Mobile Me soon. Its mentioned in the video.

I've dropped my .Mac membership some time ago, but I will sign up for a year of Mobile Me just to see how it works.