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Trying MarsEdit again

I've tried at least twice now to move from ecto to MarsEdit, but I was having some problems moving my ecto setup from 10.4.x to 10.5.4, so I decided to give it another try. This time it seems to be working much better. Local Markdown works, and I could define my usual shortcuts easily with the markup editor. I've still haven't found a way to import all my posts (I want to have the full history locally), so I'll have the check the manual for that one.

Really, its disgusting how low you can get. Here we can see Nik Cubrilovic ranting about how close the iPhone is and all the DRM plague that it brings to our world. Cool, thats nice, and certainly a valid point of view. It's certainly better written than the usual diatribe we get from the Portuguese open source evangelists. But take a moment to search the TechCrunchIT site for openmoko. You can just click the last word.

Feed cleanup

I removed all traces of the multiple feeds this site had to just one: I've also added redirects on all of the old feeds to that one, so unless your feed reader cannot read RSS 2.0 it should all work out. Feed Validator tells me that I have three things to fix at the moment. I'll probably fix two of them (done). The other is content related, and I don't know of a easy fix.

Testing, ignore please

I'll delete this post in a bit, but I need to test something, sorry bout that :) Second part (extended) goes here.

Hell broke loose around here...

The silence around here is caused by a 100% increase on the house population. Our dog, Ginger, was pregnant and gave birth to 6 new puppies (pictures as soon as I get some power into my phone). The problem was with the first puppy. It was too big (the father dog was bigger than her, so this puppies are big..) and she was couldn't deliver the puppies on her own. So she had to do a C-section.

Middle-range Macs

I'm looking for a desktop Mac. I'm pretty unhappy with the current Apple offering. We have the high-end Mac Pro, starting at 2.499€ (but you can configure a single CPU version for 2.049€, and at the low end, the Mac mini, starting at 499€. In the middle we have the iMac's but those have a built-in screen, and I already have dual 20" Wide displays that I would like to reuse.

Dear Lazyweb, this is something that I searched for quite some time and could not find yet, maybe a helpful soul knows. In a bourne shell script, how can I find the full path of the script being executed? Thanks in advance. Update: the following command, sent by Celso Pinto, passes all my tests. SCRIPTDIR="cd $(dirname $0);pwd For the record, I used two scripts to test this. First, the script:

In case you use the script from the last post, be advised that the current master branch of git.git no longer installs all those git-* on your PATH. The current git/bin/ contents are: [email protected]:melo $ ls -l /usr/local/git/bin total 14664 -rwxr-xr-x 89 root wheel 2826820 Jul 4 10:05 git -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 573476 Jul 4 10:05 git-receive-pack -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 2826820 Jul 4 10:05 git-upload-archive -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 994596 Jul 4 10:05 git-upload-pack -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 273636 Jul 4 10:05 gitk I'm using version v1.


This morning in the git mailing list, I wrote a small shell recipe to update your git to the latest version but keeping the previous ones around, in case something goes wrong. I noticed that what I wrote was a lot better than the hack-and-slash script I was using, so I promoted a cleaned up version of that to my scripts stash. Hence, you can now download x-git-update-to-latest-version and enjoy painless git updates.

Small tweak to my mail setup

I try to keep my inbox empty, but due to a lack of a task manager that I can feel good about, I don't have a place to put pending tasks. So sometimes I leave them on my inbox. Not good. Until I find a good system that I like to use, to keep my tasks and projects, I made a small adjustment to my mail habits. I already have an extensive list of rules to filter mailing lists and other regular emails to proper folders.