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Hell broke loose around here...

The silence around here is caused by a 100% increase on the house population.

Our dog, Ginger, was pregnant and gave birth to 6 new puppies (pictures as soon as I get some power into my phone).

The problem was with the first puppy. It was too big (the father dog was bigger than her, so this puppies are big..) and she was couldn't deliver the puppies on her own. So she had to do a C-section.

It went well, but due to the number of puppies they had to do a lot of incisions. So the uterus was damaged, and they had to remove it. Also the ovaries. So no more puppies.

The other problem is that given that she didn't have them in the usual way, she didn't bond with the puppies. If you think of it, try to imagine awaking up from a drug induced sleep (you know, your regular morning), and having 6 rat-sized tubes of flesh sucking hard on you (ok, maybe that imagine is the wrong one for some of you...).

Anyway, the bottom line is that she is not accepting them as well as she should. And that means work for us.

Our first born waked up like clock work each three hours to eat. This time, we need to awake up each three hours to convince Ginger to let them eat. All six of them. Fortunately she has plenty of milk...

So its crazy time around here, not a lot of time at the computer.

I'll try to catch up next week. There is a lot going on with the iPhone launch, the crazy data plans in PT, the new apps, my new desktop at work, and XMPP stuff.