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Trying MarsEdit again

I've tried at least twice now to move from ecto to MarsEdit, but I was having some problems moving my ecto setup from 10.4.x to 10.5.4, so I decided to give it another try.

This time it seems to be working much better. Local Markdown works, and I could define my usual shortcuts easily with the markup editor.

I've still haven't found a way to import all my posts (I want to have the full history locally), so I'll have the check the manual for that one.

In the features-I-would-love-to-see-departement, I haven't found a decent pre-post analysis tool. If I repeatedly link Markdown to, my blog tool should suggest the same link in future posts.

A nice tweak to the editor would be smart quoting: if I have a selection active and I type \``,",',*, or_`, it should wrap the selection with that characters.

So for now, I've switched. Let's see how it goes.