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I've started using Jonathan Swartz excellent tidyall for all my tidy needs. This is TextMate command that I use to replace the Tidy command distributed with the Perl bundle. require_cmd tidyall 'Requires tidyall, install from CPAN' ### Have a default tidyall.ini on your home, override per project config="$HOME/.tidyall.ini" for ini in tidyall.ini .tidyall.ini ; do if [ -e "${TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY}/${ini}" ] ; then config="${TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY}/${ini}" fi done ## Override target file if the current scope is perl: useful when ## tidying a selection of perl code inside a Mason document target="$TM_FILEPATH" if [ "${TM_SCOPE:0:11}" == "source.


Our youngest daughter, now 9 months old, still wakes up at least twice during the night to eat. In that she joins her oldest brothers who shared the same predilection for night-time snacks. One interesting side-effect of this behavior is that I haven't had a full night sleep since the day she was born. I usually can get right back into dream land after she finishes her milk, but lately I find myself sleepless in bed after each meal.

*Flow setups for git

Pedro Figueiredo pointed me to HubFlow, a twist on the original GitFlow setup to work more closely with Github. I've used GitFlow for a couple of weeks when I found it for the first time, but dropped it eventually because it didn't fit my needs. I'm not dissing it, it is very well though out and it provides a nice set of tools to make it all work, but it also adds a complexity layer that may not match your environment.

With recent perl's, the perldoc command started spouting warnings about an antiquated groff on OS X (both 10.6.8 and 10.8.0): You have an old groff. Update to version 1.20.1 for good Unicode support. If you don't upgrade, wide characters may come out oddly. Given that I already have homebrew to fix all my UNIX desires, I promptly executed brew install groff to fix this. You might need to brew tap homebrew/dupes before, given that groff is already included on the base system.


From the invite to the Google Maps event next week: ... will give you a behind-the-scenes look at Google Maps and share our vision. We'll also demo some of the newest technology and provide a sneak peek at upcoming features... I translate this to: "we don't really have nothing ready to ship, but we are scared shitless about what Apple is going to announce at WWDC, because it might be really really cool, and it might show just how much we dropped the ball with Maps.


Caros Srs. Deputados, os meus melhores bons dias, Para contexto do que vos quero perguntar, sugiro a leitura deste artigo: Matem o monstro. São dois projectos de lei que andam na alma de todos os que dependem da tecnologia para viver cá em Portugal. Se souberem de uma maneira eficaz pela qual eu possa lutar contra este absurdo, digam-me. Já estou com um desafio novo este ano, em que umas entidades públicas mudaram as regras de certificação à qual estou sujeito (para melhor acredito sinceramente, assim que os sistemas estiverem estáveis) mas a que já estamos obrigados sem que o regulamento oficial tenha sido distribuído publicamente.

Hosted.IM XMPP service

This morning I migrated from my old personal ejabberd XMPP server to the Hosted.IM service by Process One. tl.dr; The migration went smoothly and I'm very happy with the service. I still have two things I need to do (SSL certificate and migrate my XEP-0114 external components), but for personal reasons I won't have the time to finish the migration until next month. So expect a small update when I finish those two.

API design

Designing a good API is an art form, unfortunately. I've seen some efforts to graduate this process to science or engineering level, but nothing even close to accepted by a majority or programmers so far. One particular problem I face from time to time is related to helpful APIs. Those tend to help the programmer complete its task by adding common fallback processing paths. It usually goes something like this: the API designer convinces himself that X this is the most common operation, so when user doesn't do it, we do it for them.

Smart TVs

Since the Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography was released, a lot of articles were written about this one single passage on the topic of TVs: "I finally cracked it." From that, an explosive number of articles sprang up about Apple doing a integrated TV set, a smart(er) TV. The term disruption has been in almost all of those articles. I'm sure everybody would love to see what Steve Jobs and his team would come up on that space.

They will never learn

Microsoft and Intel need to stop ruining good looking hardware...