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Our youngest daughter, now 9 months old, still wakes up at least twice during the night to eat. In that she joins her oldest brothers who shared the same predilection for night-time snacks.

One interesting side-effect of this behavior is that I haven't had a full night sleep since the day she was born.

I usually can get right back into dream land after she finishes her milk, but lately I find myself sleepless in bed after each meal. I've now taken extreme measures and doubled the number of paperback books on my bed stand. We'll see how it goes.

Usually I'm more of a audiobook person, but I find that carbon-based versions are more sleep inducing than audio. And no, I don't have a e-reader of any kind yet.

I was thinking about this just now, and how I wished she was older and over this night-time adventures into milk land. I even said out loud to my wife "I wish she was 18 and I could sleep all night"...

... Yeah, I really don't know what is about to hit me.

I guess I'll enjoy this next few years, knowing that she is safely a sleep in the bed just a couple of meters from me. I'll keep enjoying the tiresome moments together during the night. They will go away soon, and that will be a sad day.