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WWDC is a couple of hours from starting. Some thoughts about it.

800-pound gorilla

I was at Imagine conference a couple of weeks back, and one presentation clicked a lot of different articles I’ve read recently.

You can read this Wired article to get the basic business logic behind this. Basically, Apple is the company with the largest number of credit cards on file, by far. Almost 4 times Amanzon.

So my WWDC prediction is that they will take advantage of this by doing two things:

  • creating a iOS/Mac OS X framework that allows you to integrate direct payments on your apps: that part that I don’t like of this prediction is that I don’t thing they would be able to charge the same 30% they charge on other payments via the Apple Store;
  • exposing this framework as a global JavaScript API on their browsers: this would allow checkout processes through out the world to immediately taking advantage of this, at least on all iOS-native browsers.

With 800 million users, and most of them with a credit card, this would make them the largest mobile payment service overnight.

One more thing

The twist of this is that, by having the same customer base, and using the same trick, a JavaScript-based API built-in into the browsers they control, they could also become a leading identity provider.

One-click/swipe/button-press login on all your accounts online.

What I would like to see

Apple TV 4, or at least an announcement that we would be able to install Apps on a future Apple TV hardware.

I think this WWDC will be very interesting to watch indeed!