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Snowcrash, Audible style

Speaking of Audible, I’m in the last 4 hours of Snow Crash, the 16 Hour unabridged Audible version (sorry, no direct link, Audible site sucks big time). So far is clearly the best audio book of my collection, in part because of the story, but also because the narrator, Jonathan Davis, creates a truly amazing atmosphere. I tried to read a paperback edition some years ago, but I was not in the correct frame of mind possibly, I gave up.

iTunes statistics

This is interesting for me. For the first time, my entire iTunes library does not fit into my 10Gb first generation iPod. I know have 10,03 Gb of stuff, a total of 21 days, 15 hours of stuff. Of those, I have 3,44 Gb of audiobooks, a mix of Audible, IT Conversations, and past Your Mac Life shows. Also 550Mb of iTMS stuff already. Must… not… click… buy…

Ok, so now you have the iTMS available, and you see that it’s the first day and you bought around 100 songs. And you think: I need a raise. Have no phear, I is here, and with a solution. Give your self an allowance. From the iTMS home page, select Monthly Gift, and select the amount you want to spend each month. You’ll need to create a second .Mac account for this controlled shopper, but it works.

Good stuff today

Several good things happened today: iTMS opens in Portugal: time to give my credit card some use; a color iPod is announced, with photo support: it’s not enough for me (see my previous post) but is getting there. We now have a AV/S-Video out in the iPod. Cool stuff. Now back to iTMS :)

It's coming...

It’s almost here. The website of Delicious Monster was updated. They are writing Library v3, a program for Mac OS X to keep track of all my DVDs, books and other stuff. I’ve been waiting for this program to scan all my 300+ DVDs. At least that’s what I tell myself :). You can ask them to notify you the moment they release it. By the way, their website is very nice, if you’re into those things.

IETF Publishes XMPP RFCs

IETF has published the XMPP RFCs. This is great news. I don’t expect the world of IM to switch to XMPP, but if the large IM networks open up, my only hope is that they choose XMPP as the public protocol. I guess I’m a optimist :)

Infinite Improbability

I was starting to think that getting a major label to understand that copy protection on CDs does not deter copyright infringements but makes it harder for people who legally purchase music to listen to it anyway it pleases them, was an impossible task. I personally buy occasionally a couple of CDs, and the first thing I do with them is rip, and move them to my iPod. The jewel cases get stored in a dark place somewhere in my house.

Episode IV: a new hope

Well, if your bandwidth bill from you RSS feeds is starting to eat your income, then you should thank Bloglines and some desktop aggregation software companies. Check out the new service from Bloglines. Basically they will develop a new Web service API so that applications can pull the feeds from them, instead of pooling your site directly. FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and Blogbot will have support (apparently there is a beta of FeedDemon already out with support for it).

Quick & QuickSilver tip

Before you say anything, yes I know that Quicksilver has a plugin for, but this is different. Quicksilver can be configured to do web searches. You can use that feature to jump directly to a tag-filtered URL like this. To do that, follow this steps: bookmark in Safari the following URL:***. Change melo to your username or to tag if you want to search globally. Give a short name to the bookmark (I use del).

It took me some time to figure this out, so to those of you who are as dumb as me, here is how you do it: First, go to your blog setup, and make sure Markdown is the default formatting option. In Moveable Type, you need to select Edit Configuration > Preferences > Default Text Formatting for New Entries; go back to ecto, and choose Window > Accounts, select the blog you want, and click Update cache in the toolbar.