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Episode IV: a new hope

Well, if your bandwidth bill from you RSS feeds is starting to eat your income, then you should thank Bloglines and some desktop aggregation software companies.

Check out the new service from Bloglines. Basically they will develop a new Web service API so that applications can pull the feeds from them, instead of pooling your site directly. FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and Blogbot will have support (apparently there is a beta of FeedDemon already out with support for it).

See also Mark excitement over the new service :).

Although I don’t like pooling (see a previous post regarding mod_speedyfeed), I see this one as a necessary step towards a real pub-sub network. Bloglines, as others who already have a lot of feeds locally, are the best players to start, or to feed a pub-sub network.

Update: there is a Perl module already!
Update 2: some comments from Brent give you some idea about the possibilities of this setup.

Very good stuff, congrats to Bloglines.