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Infinite Improbability

I was starting to think that getting a major label to understand that copy protection on CDs does not deter copyright infringements but makes it harder for people who legally purchase music to listen to it anyway it pleases them, was an impossible task.

I personally buy occasionally a couple of CDs, and the first thing I do with them is rip, and move them to my iPod. The jewel cases get stored in a dark place somewhere in my house.

But there is hope. Sony Japan will no longer put copy protection stuff in their CDs because, and I quote The Register:

The reason? According to Sony, Japanese consumers now have a far better appreciation of the issues surrounding copyright and music piracy, and the law is now tougher on those who flout it.

More to the point, however, buyers have not responded well to the technology and the limitations it places on legitimate music buyers in order to hinder folk from duplicating discs for chums or profit.

Very cool. Hope to see this spread to other labels.

The next thing, is to make them understand that having online music stores is good for them. It seems that the major hurdle to get a music store in Portugal, for ex, is the label negotiations.