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Crypto on Chip

This is not something new but I hope we can see more of this in server-class CPUs in the future: Sun Fire T2000 and Secure Applications. The basic idea is to have a cryptographic accelerator on chip, to make certain operations, like those required by SSL, much more fast and inexpensive. Its a big win for a lot of companies who want to offer SSL to his clients but can't due to the cost of scaling up SSL ops.

Tunning your broadband connection

Apple recently released a Broadband Tuner application for Mac OS X. Basically it sets some kernel parameters in /etc/sysctl.conf, regarding network buffers. Well, Aaron Adams (one of the switchers in the Apple campaign, in case you forgotten), has some alternative configurations that you might want to try. I'm using them with no problems. Technorati Tags: network, broadband, osx, mac, apple


You are probably sick of hearing me talk about my powerbook, and how old he is and how much I want to have a new one, specially a dual-core G4 one. So I'll just say this only one (more): I want a new powerbook. The "new" ones, although with a nice new display and some bells and whistles, are not enough for me to buy one. So I'm stuck with a first generation x86 powerbook, and that means waiting at least 3 to 4 months after they are announced sometime next year.

There are some key combinations that drive me nuts in Mac OS X. For example, Cmd-Q and Cmd-W. The first quits the application and the second one closes the window. They are too freaking close of each other, and its very easy to trigger the wrong one. After quitting Safari with N tabs open, you either buy Saft and activate session history, or read below. Or both as I did.

The Lisbon Apple Center

Yesterday, as RuiRui already pointed out, I stopped by the new Apple Center, in Lisbon. It’s a small shop, with some hardware on display, but it’s no Apple Store for sure. They had some people there buying a iMac G5 (the older model). I almost went up and said to the couple “Hey, don’t buy that! There is a new model already!”, but I suppose that availability of the new one is not that good, and in Portugal, it’s even worse.

More about Trac and Darcs

Previously, I was using a setup with Tailor to see my darcs repositories with Trac. It works ok, but there are some issues, the most annoying one is that the commits don’t preserve the original author in the meta-data of the change-set, only in the comment. So, all the SVN change-sets you see in trac are made by the user under which you run tailor, and in the comment with each changeset you have something like:

Some rich text editors

In a project that I’m working on, there is a requirement to use some sort of rich-text editor for textareas in a web-based forum system. I did a quick survey and found a lot of systems out there. I collected some links and I’m dumping them here, for future reference. Right now, my prefered solution is TinyMCE. I also found a long list of editors with useful comparisons between them.

Disney CEO on digital distribution

Some days before the Oct 12 Apple announcement that they will be selling TV shows via iTMS, specially ABC shows like Desperate and Lost, Robert Iger, the Disney CEO, who also was at the Apple event, gave some hints about the digital distribution of content: If we sit back and rely on old technology, the consumer is going to pass us by,” Mr. Iger says, noting that the music industry made that mistake.

Torrent TV

I like to follow a couple of TV series: The West Wing, Battlestar Galactica, Desperate Housewifes, and Without a Trace, to name just a few. Of course, watching these on portuguese TV, even cable, is not an option. Most of them are not available, and when they are, they run very late in the evening or at odd hours each time. So in the last two year, me and my wife, we have been buying these series on DVD.

Not happy with Moveable Type 3.2

I’ve been using Movable Type 3.2 for the last couple of weeks. The upgrade from my previous 3.x version went pretty smooth, but only yesterday I noticed some things that where not OK. First, my comment form does not include the Typekey stuff. At first I though that I had fsck my Typekey token or something, but the explanation is much more simple: the templates I got with MT don’t include the code to activate that option.