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Tip: change some key combinations in Mac OS X

There are some key combinations that drive me nuts in Mac OS X.

For example, Cmd-Q and Cmd-W. The first quits the application and the second one closes the window. They are too freaking close of each other, and its very easy to trigger the wrong one. After quitting Safari with N tabs open, you either buy Saft and activate session history, or read below. Or both as I did.

To solve this, just open System Preferences, and select Keyboard & Mouse preference pane. Then select the Keyboard shortcuts tab.

To remap the Quit Safari command, click the + button, choose Safari from the Application drop-down, type Quit Safari as the Menu Title, and then choose the new keyboard shortcut (I choose Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-Q, all three modifiers and Q). Click Add to finish.

After this, relaunch Safari. You should now have your new shortcut in place. No more premature quittings.

By the way, the other two shortcuts I always change is the Reply and Reply All in I switch those two, giving Cmd-R to Reply All and Shift-Cmd-R to Reply. I usually use Reply All much more than Reply.

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