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You are probably sick of hearing me talk about my powerbook, and how old he is and how much I want to have a new one, specially a dual-core G4 one.

So I'll just say this only one (more): I want a new powerbook.

The "new" ones, although with a nice new display and some bells and whistles, are not enough for me to buy one. So I'm stuck with a first generation x86 powerbook, and that means waiting at least 3 to 4 months after they are announced sometime next year.

I'm stuck with this one for quite some time more. So I did some upgrades. The memory was already fully loaded, with 1Gb RAM. I bought a 80Gb 5200rpm disk and swapped the old 40Gb 4200rpm. I add to. The old one was failing to boot sometimes.

It's much faster, and I can use the free space, but it makes more noise. I've still got 39Gb free.

I did a fresh install, and took the opportunity to move to Tiger. yes, boys and girls, I finally switched to 10.4.3. So far so good. There are some bugs, but none of them are show stoppers.

So for now, I'm done. This powerbook will last a couple of months more, until I can get my hands on a new one, x86 powerbook.

One thing I know: I'll buy the 17" model next time.

I was in London recently and took the opportunity to visit the Regent St Apple Store to see the new powerbooks displays. I wanted to see if the 15" was too small for my eyes.

It wasn't, but the extra space available in the 17" is awesome, so that's my path next year.

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