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Burn test

Some Macbook Pro notes: It has a name, Mr. Tray (without the dot). The sheer size makes that a suitable name;Encoding a 40 minute clip with Handbrake takes 21 minutes, the fan is always on as expected, but the heat is acceptable on my legs (flesh on the metal). I'll have to try it with my TiBook to compare the heat;Wireless signal is much much better than the TiBook, as expected;Battery life seems good.


I can't believe the amount of work I've been having the past few days: new baby, new macbook pro, new schedules... I haven't open my mail in 6 or 7 days now, and I started by cutting from 230 feeds to 200. I will do a new round of cleanups to reduce them to 100. I have about 30 work related, so 100 seems good. If you have sent me mails, sorry.

Melo 3.0

It's a boy, 3.0Kg, 49.5cm length, and he arrived in the 1 o'clock express yesterday afternoon. Version 3.0 of myself is now in training for the most impressive processing machine, transforming large quantities of milk in large quantities of a smelly brown substance that fils entire diapers. Older son still thinks this new toy moves a lot, and prefers to play with trains. Mother is well, as can be expected with all the drugs.

Buying season II

Yesterday, I was doing some shopping in a local mall and I happen to cruise by the monitor section and they had an Acer 20" with a 1680x1050 resolution on promotion. They had 6 monitors left with a very good price. Today I stopped by and picked up the last one left. I'm now writing this on a large widescreen display. It's pretty nice, and the pixel-maniac in me is pretty happy.

Buying season I

In the following weeks me and my wife will be traveling a bit and mostly outside our usual places of work. That means no net. Or at least it usually did mean that. I bought her a Vodafone Mobile Connect Card, the 3G, not the 3.5G "broad band". I'm a TMN subscriber and she is a Optimus subscriber, but I went to Vodafone because they have better coverage. The card was pretty much plug & pray in Windows, and we where online fetching mail in no time.


As you might have notice, sometimes there are weeks where I don't write nothing here. This trend will accelerate in the next few weeks, while I'm on vacation.

Here is something that took me a while to get. If you are writing scripts in Perl to do some reports and statistic analysis, and you are not using format, stop right now, do a perldoc perlform. Then, in case you need to switch reports in the middle of the script, for example if your script dumps the data collected in three different layouts, use this code between each report:

Dos? What DoS?

Interesting way to deal with a DoS that you get from being a major asshole: just dump it on someone else. Kudos to the SixApart network team. Technorati Tags: sixapart

I wonder...

The Macbook Pro 17" specs state: Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on an external display, both at millions of colors That means that you can have 2560x1600 pixels on the external monitor, for a total of 4096000 pixels. I wonder if you could do 3840x1024... It would mean less pixels, but a different layout. I ask this because this is very very tempting.