Building notes, projects, and occasional rants


I can't believe the amount of work I've been having the past few days: new baby, new macbook pro, new schedules...

I haven't open my mail in 6 or 7 days now, and I started by cutting from 230 feeds to 200. I will do a new round of cleanups to reduce them to 100. I have about 30 work related, so 100 seems good. If you have sent me mails, sorry. I should be back to looking at them next week.

The new baby is taking a lot of time. Everything is going well, both with him and my wife. And he is very peaceful. But the extra care and attention the older one requires now, is consuming all my time. It's an excellent investment for sure...

Weather in Portugal, and in Figueira more specific is amazing. Lots of walks with the kids.

Regarding the Macbook Pro, I got my 17" last Thursday, after they arrived at FNAC Norte Shopping. So fr so good. A couple of items of interest:

  • It's fast, very fast;
  • the screen is amazing. I can work outside in the middle of the day, without any problem;
  • it's hot! I'm amazed Apple hasn't gotten sued by someone in the states. Don't even think on running this puppy over your bare legs;
  • the fan is always working. It's pretty silent, but it's there. It's not a problem for me because my previous powerbook was also pretty much always with the fan on. And this one is quieter than the older one;
  • CenOS was installed on a Parallels virtual machine without any problems, very cool;
  • So far most my apps are running ok;
  • battery time seems great so far, but my usage has been pretty light so far.

More later, if I can get the time.