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Burn test

Some Macbook Pro notes:

  • It has a name, Mr. Tray (without the dot). The sheer size makes that a suitable name;
  • Encoding a 40 minute clip with Handbrake takes 21 minutes, the fan is always on as expected, but the heat is acceptable on my legs (flesh on the metal). I'll have to try it with my TiBook to compare the heat;
  • Wireless signal is much much better than the TiBook, as expected;
  • Battery life seems good. Right now, with Handbrake is using 150% of the CPU, with 8 threads, and the expected battery life is around 2:00 hours. I expect my common usage will yield about 5 hours;
  • I'm using NetNewsWire in widescreen mode now, much better. I have to try the plugin that does the same, after I migrate my mail.

The 17" is clearly not for everyone. It's a big sucker, and walking with this 3kg computer around makes some of my friends look at me funny. But it fits very nicely with my workflow.

Very happy so far.