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Beta6 of SynergyKM is working ok for me. I recommend the upgrade to anybody using Synergy on a Mac. Things that can bite you: if your clients can't see the server, disable Bonjour discovery: it fails miserably with me;don't use screen names with spaces in it: it will fail with some strange error about failing to read /tmp and friends. If you look at the log file, you'll see that it barfs with spaces.

if unless

In Perl, you can do something like VERB if CONDITION or VERB unless CONDITION. There is not clear rule about which one to use, and I can say that I've preferred one of the other at different parts of my Perl-life. Recently, I've settled on a simple rule to decide which one to use. The decision is based on the type of CONDITION that follows. For me, something like 'CONDITION && CONDITION' is much easier to read and understand than 'CONDITION || CONDITION'.

There is a new git in town

Git v1.5.3 was released earlier this month but I only noticed today. There are a lot of tweaks and improvements, but for me the killer feature of this release is git-stash. That feature alone is worth the upgrade.

Touch me, touch me

There was a lost opportunity yesterday when the new iPod Touch didn't use Samantha Fox hit "Touch me". Lots of '80 teenagers (ok, me!) where saddened by this lack of vision on Apple. Back to the goodies, the best value still is the lower end of the iPod Classic. The iPod Touch is cool, but I believe the iPhone 3G will be the one that makes me buy something with a multi-touch interface from them.

In bed with birds

It seems that Oracle buying InnoDB left MySQL uncomfortable enough about their dependency on the only transactional engine they had. The new MySQL6 alpha is pretty much a Falcon-lovers buffet. There is a lot of stuff to read about the new engine, but I will wait for MySQL Performance take on this.

Changes ahead

In the next few days, I'll be moving all my feeds to Feedburner and reorganizing them a bit. Zee plan right now is: feeds for: full blog content;blog comments;flickr photos;project change sets;a full feed: aggregates all of the above except change sets.The first to move will be the full blog content. Others will join him with time. I'll place permanent redirects on all my current feed urls, so decent news readers will do the right thing.

The E-word

Last week I had a discussion in the local perl mongers mailing list about threads in Ruby vs Perl, and parallelism in general. My view is that it's the programmer responsibility to start using all those core coming our way, and that the Java/Ruby-style of threads, with a share-everything model, are the wrong way of doing it. I a very big fan of shared-nothing by default when it comes to threads.

Flickr web upload widget

The new Fickr web uploading form is very very nice. The interesting part for me is the capability of selecting multiple files with a single "open file" dialog box. The rest is pretty standard, although the look and feel of Flickr is very nice. Now to write something like that as a jQuery plugin...

Resizing images

An amazing new technology to resizing images. The video is pretty impressive.

Quote of the week: Sometimes I think God put video content guys on the planet to make the music guys look progressive and visionary. nuf said.