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Touch me, touch me

There was a lost opportunity yesterday when the new iPod Touch didn't use Samantha Fox hit "Touch me". Lots of '80 teenagers (ok, me!) where saddened by this lack of vision on Apple.

Back to the goodies, the best value still is the lower end of the iPod Classic. The iPod Touch is cool, but I believe the iPhone 3G will be the one that makes me buy something with a multi-touch interface from them. The lack of capabilities of Bluetooth in the iPhone line-up still baffles me.

The $200 drop in price of the iPhone is very very nice. It makes a nice comparison to the same-day $50 price drop of Zune. I'm sure the Zune team is having a hell of a day today...

So, me, I'll keep waiting for news about the 3G iPhone to see if I switch phones or not. Nothing like waiting 9 months to see something beautiful being born.