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Pedro took the time to write about latest Apple news. Worth a read.

I share most of his points of view:

  • ring tones: it's a big business based on idiotic consumers, move on. I personally hate ring tones;
  • iPod Touch activation: the iTMS account is required to purchase stuff, not to activate the iPod as far as I could read, but I'll wait until I see some Linux geek reporting his life with the iPod Touch.
  • lock down of iPod database: this is something that happens on a regular basis as far as I remember. Anyway, it's a non-issue, because the hash-based protection is very week and already broken. It is a pity that Apple is losing time writing this stuff though;
  • video-out cables: this sucks, of course. I was wondering why would Apple would do such a thing, and selling more cables doesn't sound right.

Regarding the last point, about locking AV cables: my bet is HDCP. Apple is getting ready to have HD content and one part of the equation to please greedy content owners is probably having HDCP support all the way.

So they need some sort of hardware lock to make sure only approved cables can carry the digital signal from your iPod to a HD TV set.