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Alter Ego, your friendly agent

If you want to try some agent-love, then let me introduce you to Alter Ego, your friendly pluggable agent. Alter Ego is a XMPP agent, where everything is a plugin. You can clone the current version with git (recommended, easy to keep track of new features and fixes) or use the tarballs. Right now, you can find it running under my own JID, so yes, I trust it enough to run it on my main account.

GPS fun

So there are all this ingredients floating around: a nice Fortuna GPSmart BT: it has a mini usb that can be used for power, but I still prefer to fetch the NMEA feed over Bluetooth;a Macbook with BT;a 3G phone with good connectivity in Portugal, also with BT;a ejabberd server with PEP support, so I can publish my User Location.The glue of course will be Perl, and the first step is already working.

He can mary again!

Well, the good news is that he can mary and get divorced two or three times now. Update: for those who where wondering what Net::XMPP2 has to do with all this, lets just say that copy&paste are two techniques that I seem not to have mastered yet.

Ok, this way cool. As such, the JSR-666 expert group recommends the introduction of the yoda code-word to the Java language. This keyword commands that the virtual machine "Do, or do not", where there is no corresponding try. [...] Warning: the yoda keyword should only be used in places where the presence of an exception would indicate the Java Runtime Environment is misconfigured or broken. Misusing the keyword may cause a great disturbance in the Virtual Machine, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

More limitations

The limitations slide that Jobs presented yesterday is of course incomplete. You would not expect it to have the full set of limitations. In the next weeks, people will go over the documentation and find some more. I'll try and keep a list of the ones that are relevant to me, in order of importance: third-party applications cannot run in the background (link via Gruber): this is most unfortunate to those of us who are thinking "XMPP client, XMPP client".

perl warnings

You have to learn to ignore the forrest. There are some perl warnings that hide the real problem. My most hated perl warning is this, the first three lines below: "my" variable @prob masks earlier declaration in same scope at sbin/some_script line 1640. "my" variable $count masks earlier declaration in same scope at sbin/some_script line 1641. "my" variable $t masks earlier declaration in same scope at sbin/some_script line 1642. syntax error at sbin/some_script line 1504, near "next " Those lines are there because the parser had to bail out after detecting the error on line 4, and failed to notice the end of scopes.

iPhone enterprise features

Nothing more to add, just linking to Fake Steve. Sure, its the extreme position on the Apple fan boy club, but then, there is also a grain of truth in there. Oh, and yes, it runs on the iPod Touch also. Everything presented yesterday also works with the iPod Touch except stuff that depends on the particular characteristics of the iPhone hardware, as any reasonable person would expect. And yes, you have to pay for it again.

iPhone SDK

I suppose that one of the words we can use to describe the iPhone SDK is sexy. I played a bit with Cocoa a couple of years back so I haven't followed to improvements of XCode. I hear João Pavão complaining about all the bugs but thats about it. So while watching yesterdays event stream, and while I was looking at the game that the Apple dude wrote in (cof, cof) "two weeks", and all the nice tools, my though was: do the other mobile environments have such a sexy SDK, with such good tools?

On a roll

While searching the the link for the SDK post of Fake Steve, I read the previous posts just for kicks. The one about Sarah Lacy just got me laughing out loud. Choice quote: See, there's just these two things you notice about Sarah right away when you meet her. They're right there in front of you, just staring at you, and you can't look away from them and you find yourself watching them roll from side to side and getting hypnotized by them and just agreeing with anything she says.

Ultimate Game

A most excellent Ultimate Game strip at xkcd. By the way, in case you haven't figure it out yet, half the fun of xkcd is usually buried in a alt/title tag on the image, so always hover over the image to see it.