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More limitations

The limitations slide that Jobs presented yesterday is of course incomplete. You would not expect it to have the full set of limitations.

In the next weeks, people will go over the documentation and find some more. I'll try and keep a list of the ones that are relevant to me, in order of importance:

  • third-party applications cannot run in the background (link via Gruber): this is most unfortunate to those of us who are thinking "XMPP client, XMPP client". I hope this is only a temporary restriction, or that a specific certification program is setup up to gain the right of running in the background;
  • a temporary limitation, but a big one. The last line of the iPhone SDK readme: "Interface Builder is not yet included in this beta of the iPhone SDK";
  • "Applications may only use Published APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any unpublished or private APIs": not a restriction by itself, but is interesting to have this in the License Agreement. I think this will mostly be used as "If you mess up, know that we can go out and get you, legally" (article, via gruber).