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Sometimes I need to send someone a bit of code in the local LAN, or even to myself on the second Mac. It would be nice to: pbpaste | publish_local_lan And on the other side: receive_local_lan from_melo | pbcopy There are a lot of tools like that the run under Mac OS X, but today I found one that can be run from the command-line: pastejour. Installation is trivial: sudo gem install dnssd sudo gem install jbarnette-pastejour --source=http://gems.

RailsConf 2008 Git Tech Talk

Scott Chancon did a huge presentation (523 slides...), Getting Git, at RailConf 2008. Don't be scared by the number of slides, the presentation is excellent and you'll end up with a huge knowledge of git. Extremely recommended.

Doing quick hack sessions in a local LAN with friends using git just got a lot easier. Evan announced gitjour, a Bonjour-enabled Git server. You can start a server for any repository on your laptop/workstation and others can browse the available repositories and easily clone them. There is already a lot of work going around gitjour by a couple of developers, so it has a nice future ahead. Nice...

I've moved the Search in Project With ack TextMate command to GitHub. In the process I've included a change by Corey Jewett to respect the selected files in the project drawer, and I've also added support for the TM_ACK_COMMAND_PATH variable, in case your ack copy is somewhere strange. There is an open TODO (catch popen errors if the ack command is not found), but I need to freshen up my ruby skill.


I must say, if Apple snatches the domain for its new .Mac service, I would be impressed. Its a very cool domain name, simple, very Jobs'like.

Scripts repository

I've started to publish my ~/bin script stash at GitHub. Not all of them are written by me. For example, I've included Gruber's script under a new name. Before you ask about the strange long names, my memory sucks, so I use tab completion a lot. I name all my script with a x- prefix so that I can just type x-<TAB> and see my entire script repository. I use long and (I hope) self describing names.

Snapz Pro X a bit to eager?

Run this: sudo fs_usage -w -f filesys 'Snapz Pro X' Does your copy checks the Preferences and License File every two seconds? Sheeeshh... (tested on Tiger by the way, not sure if it work on Leopard)

The current crop of the XMPP-based bots is pretty basic. They provide an online presence in the XMPP network, and you interact with them by a command-line-style interface. These are some suggestions that bot authors can use to increase your XMPP presence easily. I'm going to stick to easy stuff only, most of it widely deployed. The first thing that you need to understand is that you can have different per-contact presence information.

git email workflow

I personally was never on the receiving end of a email-based git workflow so I don't know how hard it is to use git to track all the incoming patches and the status of each one. I much prefer the workflow based around pull-requests, and the GitHub interface for them is extremely nice. Today, as I stood in the shower (it was a shower day, yes, and my best ideas usually hit me under running water) I started to think about a Web interface to manage email-based workflow's. + Google Gears = Sweet!

This is great news: Todd Ditchendorf just released a nightly build (link removed) of that includes Google Gears. I'm a big fan of Google Gears, and Fluid is getting a lot of love regarding integration with the desktop. BTW, this is a good reason for me to upgrade to Leopard. update: Todd giveth, Todd taketh away.