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Scripts repository

I've started to publish my ~/bin script stash at GitHub.

Not all of them are written by me. For example, I've included Gruber's script under a new name.

Before you ask about the strange long names, my memory sucks, so I use tab completion a lot. I name all my script with a x- prefix so that I can just type x-<TAB> and see my entire script repository. I use long and (I hope) self describing names.

Common scripts that I use every day get single line shortcuts using shell aliases.

To use, just clone the repository, and add the bin/ to your PATH.

Patches welcome. Recommended workflow:

  1. sign up at GitHub;
  2. fork my project (small fork icon);
  3. clone your fork to your local workstation;
  4. hack, hack, hack;
  5. git-push
  6. hop onto GitHub and send me a pull§ request.