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Simple Boujour-enabled command line copy/paste service

Sometimes I need to send someone a bit of code in the local LAN, or even to myself on the second Mac.

It would be nice to:

pbpaste | publish_local_lan

And on the other side:

receive_local_lan from_melo | pbcopy

There are a lot of tools like that the run under Mac OS X, but today I found one that can be run from the command-line: pastejour.

Installation is trivial:

sudo gem install dnssd
sudo gem install jbarnette-pastejour --source=

And after that, just use it. It will use your short name as the broadcast key. A sample session:

melo@MrTray:melo $ date | pastejour 
Pasting melo...

# in another computer

melo@Screen:melo $ pastejour melo
(melo from MrTray.local.:42424)
Wed Jun  4 10:40:54 WEST 2008

Simple and effective.