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Codebits 2008 counting down

Codebits 2008 is this week, and although I have received a couple of ideas already for my presentation, I still need more. So get of your collective chair-interface-parts and send your ideas. Thanks!

That was quick...

Wow... Just 48 hours after winning... is up.

AnyEvent::Mojo 0.6

Uploaded to PAUSE AnyEvent::Mojo 0.6, should hit the CPAN mirrors throughout the day. Update: uploaded 0.6001, with an attempted fix for some 100% CPU usage cases. The major change is the renaming of AnyEvent::Mojo to AnyEvent::Mojo::Server. There are two reasons for this change. The first is to prepare the release of AnyEvent::Mojo::Client in the next release, wrapping the Mojo::Client API. The second is to free the AnyEvent::Mojo to be used with the new functional API.

The Django people came up with a new logo for the project, a magical pony. Its nice and all, but it doesn't beat the "Best logo of all times, in the Software category"-contest. That prize is still clearly in the hands of SQL::Translator. Sorry guys, but bonus points for effort. The color of the first version was a step in the right direction.

I've uploaded to PAUSE (give it a couple of hours to appear on your local CPAN mirrors) the latest release (0.5) of AnyEvent::Mojo. The biggest change is the new resumable requests. After your handler is called, you can pause the connection, do other stuff using the AnyEvent asynchrounous nature, and when you are ready to send back the response, you can resume the request. In pratical terms, this is now possible:

Codebits 2008

Next week I'll be attending the 2008 edition of Codebits. I also have a slot to talk about XMPP and this is where you can help. I don't want to do another abstract talk about XMPP, but instead I want to write code that you would like to see. So if there is some XMPP-based functionality that you want to see how you can get it done, ping me or email me with the high-level details.

What he said

Although I like GPLv2, since the first I read the GPLv3 I got a sense of dread. I couldn't put my finger on it. Fortunately someone did, and I can just point to it and say "thats what I wanted to say". Update: and by the way, if you want to see the entire Obama speach that he talks about: Go to Obama faith issue section of his website;click on the "Watch Videos";scroll all the way down on the video selection box.

Other uses for Rasputine

Rasputine was born to connect Moo/MUD/talkers to the XMPP network, but in fact its a generic Telnet-to-XMPP gateway. This opens up a lot of interesting use cases. You could add a buddy for each router that you have. Or one for each perlbal/memcached admin interface. The internals are still a bit messy but after a small cleanup, you could even have two users, with their own Jabber ID, sharing a telnet session to a router.


Apparently some things never die. In January 1994, a friend of mine, Paulo Ferreira, created an online community around a Lambda Moo server. Its called Moosaico and it still kicking. I spent an enormous amount of time there and I still have fond memories of that time, of the people, the stories, everything. But access to Moosaico (and other MUD's or Talkers) is usually done with Telnet or using a client like TinyFugue or Atlantis.