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AnyEvent::Mojo 0.6

Uploaded to PAUSE AnyEvent::Mojo 0.6, should hit the CPAN mirrors throughout the day.

Update: uploaded 0.6001, with an attempted fix for some 100% CPU usage cases.

The major change is the renaming of AnyEvent::Mojo to AnyEvent::Mojo::Server.

There are two reasons for this change. The first is to prepare the release of AnyEvent::Mojo::Client in the next release, wrapping the Mojo::Client API.

The second is to free the AnyEvent::Mojo to be used with the new functional API.

Starting a Mojo server inside your AnyEvent apps is now very simple:

use AnyEvent;
use AnyEvent::Mojo;

my $server; $server = mojo_server undef, 4323, sub {
  my ($self, $tx) = @_;



The interface is similar to AnyEvent::Socket.

This is the first beta release. I don't expect to change the API in a backwards incompatible way until 1.0.

I do plan the following for the next releases:

  • implement AnyEvent::Mojo::Client and the correspondent mojo_client function;
  • implement support for 100 Continue.

Mojo is fun!

Oh, and please vote for the Perl Foundation grant to improve Mojo.