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AnyEvent::Mojo now with resumable requests

I've uploaded to PAUSE (give it a couple of hours to appear on your local CPAN mirrors) the latest release (0.5) of AnyEvent::Mojo.

The biggest change is the new resumable requests. After your handler is called, you can pause the connection, do other stuff using the AnyEvent asynchrounous nature, and when you are ready to send back the response, you can resume the request.

In pratical terms, this is now possible:

sub my_handler_cb {
    my ($self, $tx) = @_;

  # Pause the connection while we HTTP GET our information

  # This HTTP get is done asynchronously
  http_get $status_url, sub {
      my ($data) = @_;
    my $res = $tx->res;

      if (!defined $data) {
      else {

      # Ok, the response will be sent now

  # We paused the connection so we can return

While the inner http_get is going on, the AnyEvent::Mojo server can handle other requests.

This allows you to keep several thousands of requests going on without any effort at all.

I'm still labeling AnyEvent::Mojo as alpha. The interface will change one last time for 0.6. After that it should be beta time until 1.0.

I need to find a decent WebSockets client implementation (or some sort of long-pooling client) to make a decent application with this. Any recomendations?