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I never used MT-Blacklist. I started with MT3 so I really didn’t feel the need. But the screenshots of the new version (MT3 ready) are nice. I’ll have to check it out :).


Ambrosio is a POE Jabber bot that you can run on each server you manage. It gives you three commands: uptime, df and ps. It also responds to help. It’s pluging based, you can extend it easily. In the few days, I should post plugins to control access to those bots, notification of events on other applications, and more commands. It’s a proof of concept only. I’m doing it to gain some experience with POE::Component::Jabber::Client and other stuff.

Proof of concepts

Sometime I talk about some things and I never get around to write them, or sometime I do but I leave them unfinished. Sometimes they are useful even in their unfinished state. So I’m starting to release those as proof of concepts. Most of them will slowly die, other will morph into something better. I’ll post them at my proof of concept page.


The people at Virginia Tech have tours of the BigMac cluster. The latest picture has a nice drool factor. I have to get my hands on a G5 Xserve for a coupple of days…

Abuse of CSS

This is the latest abuse of CSS I found. This reminds me that I have to sort the 100+ links of CSS stuff I have in Safari.

Java and Perl: inline is evil

Will the madness never end? Came across Inline::Java via Jeremy Smith. At least now I can say to the people at work who do Java all day, that there is still hope for them :).

IO::All is evil

So I was reading IO::All documentation. It seems pretty powerfull and can save me some time whenever I need to read text and parse it. Until I came to this: A Tiny Web Server Here is how you could write a simplistic web server that works with static and dynamic pages: perl -MIO::All -e 'io(":8080")-fork-accept-(sub { $_[0] No, I won’t tell you how it works. I had to read the explanation three times to understand it all.


Hi have a id at use.perl that I never really use. I decided to crosspost the perl category from this site to use.perl. I’m still fighting the script that Casey West did, it seems that it does not like MT3. More updates in the next days, I hope. BTW, in case you where wondering why the sudden silence, lots of work but also lots of progress in my little pet projects.

Screen real-estate

This is about how many windows you can open :)

Kiwi will be based on Kwiki

I’ve been thinking about my personal content management system. It’s one of my top priorities because a lot of stuff is waiting for it. To speed things up, I decided to take a look at Kwiki. And all I can say, I’m sold. It’s a wonderful architecture, everything is a plugin (like I wanted to do in Kiwi), and it’s easy to extend. So next steps are: get to know Kwiki: I got a copy running, and I’ll be looking into it add the object-oriented database system to it make the database hiearquical