Building notes, projects, and occasional rants


Ambrosio is a POE Jabber bot that you can run on each server you manage.

It gives you three commands: uptime, df and ps. It also responds to help.

It’s pluging based, you can extend it easily. In the few days, I should post plugins to control access to those bots, notification of events on other applications, and more commands.

It’s a proof of concept only. I’m doing it to gain some experience with POE::Component::Jabber::Client and other stuff. It will evolve into a small framework for making multi-network bots.

You can find it here.

Oh, BTW, it requires a modified POE::Component::Jabber::Client::Legacy module (included in version 0.2 and above). The CPAN version doesn’t seem to allow automatic registration, and I needed that. I have to cleanup my patch and send it upstream to Nick.