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iTunes in Motorola phones

Some phones from Motorola will be able to sync with iTunes. The phones should have removable media, so you might have a 1Gbyte storage space in there :). I really could care less, I have an iPod. The point I that made me write this is: you will not be able to use the music as ring tones. Why? The ring tone is a $3.2Bn/year industry, the iTMS is a paltry $100M/year industry.

Video iPod

I was listening to an old archive of Your Mac Life, the Mac-oriented radio show (check it out, it’s good). The show was the July 29, and the segment that got me thinking was the Chris Breen of Macworld. He’s a iPod-expert, and was there to talk about the 4th generation iPod. He said that the iPod menu in the 4G has a ‘Music’ item (i assume it replaces the old ‘Browse’ item), and goes on to speculate what will they do next.

The Douglas Adams release

I was looking at the new CPAN releases and saw a new release of version. Me thinks we should call all the x.42 releases a Adams release in tribute.

More about NAT

I’m reading the meeting notes of the “behave” BOF at the latest IETF meeting. There are some remarks that make me nervous. There is a belief that IPv6 will end the need for NAT: NATs continue to proliferate and have seen an increasing rate of deployment. IPv6 deployments can eliminate this problem, but there is a significant interim period in which applications will need to work both in IPv4 NAT environments and with the IPv6 to IPv4 transition mechanisms (e.


And then, at the end of the tunnel, a light tries to fight against the dark long corridor… Jabber Architecture: IETF recognizes that NATs exist: "There was a healthy discussion from some saying that the IETF shouldn't enable "those people". The counter argument is that they're going to do it anyway, so we may as well tell them how to do it safely. The turning point in the meeting was when someone at the front asked who in the room was using private address space.

Official waste of time for today

Ok, so the day is long and you must waste some time. Have no phear, Lemmings is here… In glorious javascript and dhtml….

Having fun

I have to move one mailbox from one office to another. The first is in Porto, and the second in Lisbon. The connection is ADSL, but the wrong direction: I have to push the entire mailbox via the ADSL uplink, 128kbits. Well, it’s a 6.5Gigabytes mailbox (actually a set of maildirs), so I’ll just check it monday :)

Ambrosio is useful now

The latest version of Ambrosio is now useful. You can now send notifications from scripts or applications you write. I did this last sunday but I needed to write a small manual for notifications.

I don't do "the news"

I usually don’t do “The news”, but I must pass this along. Apparently nobody attending a specific presentation at BlogOn is using Internet Explorer. Zilch, Zero persons. Impressive. Thanks, Nuno

New version of Ambrosio

Ambrosio is almost ready for major deployment. A new version is available (0.3), and now you can subscribe the bots presence. The roadmap is something like this: Finish Notice plugin: you drop small files in a specific directory, the local bot will pick them up and forward them to the JID's specified in the file - this allows for other scripts or applications in each one of your servers to send notifications; Better management of notifications and presence: don't send notifications to people that are away or disconnected.