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Why I like nslu2

Pedro has a small rant about NSLU2 device from Linksys. His point is that any self-respecting geek already has a full linux box in his home network, that is able to do much more than the NSLU2.

Well, yes, you are right, but that’s the wrong point. My point is that I hate that Linux box in my home network, and I would prefer to have a silent, the least moving parts possible box, and I don’t have nothing against having several boxes, each one doing some specialized function.

Yes I could go out and by a silent-pc or whatever, but the NSLU2 is exactly that: a silent-pc, and with good looks. And with a $80 sticker price

Having the Cisco sticker in front is probably not its strongest point, but its weakest. Only time will tell if Cisco is going to be good to Linksys or not.

I’m buying one, as soon as see them in Portugal.