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darcs on Mac OS X

In case you want to try darcs with Mac OS X, these links are usefull: a recent version of dars, binary: the Haskell runtime, package: Have the appropriate amount of fun. Update: fixed the URL’s, Markdown was messing them up.

skype for mac

I installed the skype client for Mac some weeks ago, as soon as it was released. I’ve been letting it running in the background since then, and I used it 5 times at most. I was interested because I would like to have a cross platform voice solution. My wife used Windows XP, and I would like to talk to her with VoIP as I’m away from home three to four days each week.

Next powerbook upgrade

So my trusted old (30 months today) powerbook is still kicking. I never had a laptop that lasted this long. I’m a 15” TiBook 800Mhz owner, with 1Gb RAM and 40Gb disk. I’ve been thinking my requirements for my next laptop, what are the things I value the most. This will allow me to choose my next one in the next 6 months or so. I’m expecting some annoucements from Apple in January, or the WWDC, in June at the latest.

Team Virus

With all the infected zombie PCs out there, and with most virus being written having the support of plugins, I wonder why is it taking so long to create a plugin that would install the SETI client, or a cancer research distributed client, and started putting those computers to a good use? Go, Team Virus!

Voiding your iPod waranty

I just throw away my first generation iPod warranty. I installed a NewerTech battery, the 2100mha kind. So far it’s looking good. I’ll have to test it in the next couple of days, but the battery came with a little charge and I could listen to my music again. This is still a 10Gb model, but it’s enough for me for now. And it prevents me from buying a newer model.

Evaluating source control systems

Which source control system do you use? In a open-source world the usual suspect is CVS. For some years now, CVS has been showing it’s age, so a bunch of replacements have appeared: Subversion, Arch, Darcs, to name just a few. I still use CVS daily, with large projects, and I know it well. Well enough to get around most of the limitations it has. But I have decided to switch systems some time ago.

RPC and Perl

During the last couple of years, the idea of a simple to use RPC system for Perl has been on my mind. I’ve done several designs, mostly focused in object oriented perl, but never did one I really like. It’s been a challenge that I pick up whenever I can. Today, Ricardo pointed me to mod_perlservice, a very simple RPC system for Perl. I’m still looking into it, it seems to be function-oriented, not object-oriented, but it also seems extremely simple to use.

Good old hunter's package

Thanks to The Register for making me laugh at the end of a loooong day at work: Agents searched Dugan’s home and found an AK-47, a loaded rifle, a loaded shotgun, two handguns and 1800 rounds of ammunition. In Texas, that’s known as “the weekend hunter’s package.” See the whole article.

Loose yourself

First, let me just say this, as an advice: give your credit card to a trusted friend before entering any of these sites. Trust me. Done that? Good. Now enjoy: * Boys Toys * I want one of those * Gadgets It’s really nice to buy some christmas presents, though.

Jumping into the fire

Well, this is what I call a bad move, like jumping from the pan into the fire. You just can’t win.