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Voiding your iPod waranty

I just throw away my first generation iPod warranty. I installed a NewerTech battery, the 2100mha kind.

So far it’s looking good. I’ll have to test it in the next couple of days, but the battery came with a little charge and I could listen to my music again.

This is still a 10Gb model, but it’s enough for me for now. And it prevents me from buying a newer model.

The instructions seem straight forward, but it took me some tries to open the damn thing. In the end is a very simple procedure, and it takes 5 minutes tops to change it. The non-scratching tools that came with the battery work fine and do the trick.

If you have a aging iPod, and don’t want to spend hundreds of Euro in a new one, this is a worthy upgrade, and this will give me another 2 years on my 30 months old iPod, purchased May 26th 2002.

If you need one, I ordered mine from Recommended. Me and Rui tried to order this from US, but it was complicated.