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Pastafarians are welcome here

This Wikipedia article is brilliant. A positively must read, and don’t forget to read also the votes. Via Rui

Trac + darcs = I'm in heaven

In the last couple of months, I’ve stumbled across Trac for several times. It seemed very nice, extremely well integrated, but it would only support Subversion as his SCM system, and as you may have read, I’m more a darcs kind-of-a-guy. So I never payed much attention to it. I did jump when Justus Pendleton announced a patch to add support for darcs some months back, but I’ve read somewhere (can’t seem to find the post now) that this patch only supported a older version of Trac.

Do you feel lucky, punk?

People are wonderful, they really are. The lengths they go to workaround some “problem” they have is just wonderful. Look at the various ways to workaround the Microsoft warning about unsigned drivers. Some other articles about this problem where published by Raymond Chen, one of the best blogs I follow. Recommended. Just wonderful. Technorati Tags: drivers, microsoft

20 cms is not enough anymore

Update: this post was based on a IM talk with Pedro, and I understood that the entire cable was 20cm. Apparently is 20cm over the length of an Apple Keyboard. And in that case, I really don’t see any problem with it. I do not agree, however, that an extension cable is a solution for this. I don’t care how much it costs. It’s just not “right”. It seems that Pedro is no longer happy with 20cm, it’s not enough.

Do you like your coworkers?

Well, just in case you don’t, let me introduce to a pet project you can take: the Super Maul (any relation to Dark Maul?). If you prefer a different model, check out the entire site about office guns. Me thinks some people have too much time on their hands.

No words...

I have to agree: the best t-shirt… Not EU unfortunately. I read the book twice now, I like it, but the t-shirt is just beautiful.

New darcs web interface

In case you usually browse my darcs repos, I switched to the new web interface. The old one is still available.


Recently I downloaded a copy of Confluence due to the new licensing option, Personal Edition. So far I’m still getting to know the application but it seems quite good and in a corporate environment like the one I work at the mail integration and access control features are essential. I’m tempted to try a full trial license during August, with the JIRA integration also. Will see how my personal evaluation goes.

Gadget of the month

Got a Skype phone for the wife, let see how it goes. It looks good. You connect it to your Windows PC via USB and to a PTSN line. Then you can see who is online on your Skype buddy list and call them directly. You can also dial PTSN numbers. The phone is wireless DECT-based, and so far, in my limited testing, it works very very well. Technorati Tags: skype

IAXy in Europe

Does anybody know where can I buy a IAXy in a European online store? Very much appreciated any pointers.