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20 cms is not enough anymore

Update: this post was based on a IM talk with Pedro, and I understood that the entire cable was 20cm. Apparently is 20cm over the length of an Apple Keyboard. And in that case, I really don’t see any problem with it. I do not agree, however, that an extension cable is a solution for this. I don’t care how much it costs. It’s just not “right”.

It seems that Pedro is no longer happy with 20cm, it’s not enough. It’s the first time I heard him complain about that :).

Anyway, let me clarify that he is talking about the Mighty Mouse USB cable. He has some valid points: 20cm is not enough if you plan to connect the mouse to a desktop computer. And I didn’t find any mention of the cord length at the Apple site.

Yet, I think that if you have a Apple laptop, 20cm seems just right, just enough cable not to get your hand tangled with excess cable. On the other hand, some people (like me) use the laptop as a desktop replacement, and it sits high in the air, on top of a Griffin Technology iCurve.

I think the idea behind the 20cm cable is that you are supposed to connect your mouse to the USB port on your wired Apple keyboard. Of course, if you have a bluetooth keyboard, you’re out of luck, but then Apple expects you to fork some euro more for the BT version of the Might Be Here Some Day Now Mouse.

Well see.

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