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Eolas says: "We're back!"

USPTO validated Eolas patent today. I’m sure it will be all over the tech blogs in the next 24 hours. Via Ars.Technica.

Perl6 polyglot

Very nice article on O’ReillyNet about Perl6. Perl6 Polyglot by Geoff Broadwell – What Perl 6 is learning from other languages – and why you should learn a few too. Go! Read!

MT Upgrade

Going to upgrade to Moveable Type 3.2 now. If the site disappears, then something went wrong with my backups :). I’m sorry but you’ll loose all the juicy links to sex, travel and casinos that we could find on my trackbacks. update: seems to work. Still messing around with templates, expect some changes and fixes.


Tomorrow, the 2: TV channel (the only broadcast channel worth watching) is going to try something new. Starting at 23:30 Friday, and until 1:15 of Sunday, they will transmit a full 24 second season. You can watch Jack Bauer in real-time, as intended. Anyway, if you like 24, or you don’t know if you do, try switching to the 2: channel.

Virtual plague

I think a measurement of how good a game is, is the things that the game environment allow outside the original control of the programmers. How open is the game. Recently, World of Warcraft gained a virtual plague that is spreading like wildfire inside the game. Nice. Me, I try to keep away from that black hole of productivity like if it had the plague… the real one.

I want one...

I so want one, but $299 ??? No freaking way… More posters and the original commercial at the RedLight Runner store.

Some disaster plans worked...

Apparently the disaster plan of the ASPCA worked reasonably well during the Katrina disaster. At least, I can see the site with my Safari browser, something that FEMA doesn’t seem to feel as important. It seems that in the USA, animals get better treatment than people.

Miscellaneous Apple stuff

This week we saw some announcements from Apple. Monday, we got the bad news: the Paris Expo keynote was cancelled, so the probability of seeing new hardware is low. It seems that I’ll have to wait a little longer for my Powerbook upgrade. Then Wednesday, you got the iPod nano, the iPhone, and a new iTunes. I’m not going to talk about the iPhone, I couldn’t care less about a iTunes client inside my phone.

The mother of all memes

The is the mother of all memes. If you read this, you should link to the hilarious job offer from microsoft to esr. Let’s make this the all-time most-linked-in page in Google :). Picked up from so many places, including Rui.