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The Jabber community lost a dear friend this week. Peter Millard, long time Jabber friend, and Exodus author, passed away after a struggle with cancer. I didn't knew him personally, but the quality and breadth of his work for this community make him a dear friend to all of us. Peter has written about this loss. My deepest condolences go to his wife Christina, and is daughter Zoe. Technorati Tags: jabber

Should I buy one?

Some friends ask me regularly if they should buy a Mac now or wait a little more. Instead of repeating it every time, I'll write my reasoning here and let them decide: You should buy a Mac if and when you need it: with computers the only certain thing is that it will be replaced by something bigger or better in the next few months (if you are lucky) or days (if you are not);The current Intel Macs are a good buy if you have an old G3 or G4.

Textmate goodness

I'm still impressed with TextMate and although I still run into Vim from time to time, most of my work is now done inside the new sweetheart. Of course, we are still in early stages of our relationship, and the old and trusted Vim can still regain is rightful place, specially with the newest version 7 (in late beta now). Yet sometimes I see another set of possibilities with Textmate that blew me away.

Predictions, the stuff fools are made of. Recently a couple of events, web-based services, and old style thinking have come together in my mind in a way that makes me want to write about it and share. Being about the future of the internet and the applications we will see after this Web 2.0 craze subsides, well, it just makes it interesting. The most important part of the Web 2.0 hype are the simple and universal APIs that most sites are deploying.


When a person has a child and holds it in its hands, there is a kind of foolishness that takes over your entire self, it's like getting the answer to all the questions about life, the universe and everything in a instance, and finding out that Douglas Adams was wrong. You truly see that its much more than a number. Predicting the future is also foolish, and not even remotely as fun, unless you are the one who will, when time brings us to it, laugh at this small notes I took upon myself to write.

MySQL updates

The MySQL Users Conference is almost over in sunny California and the output for those of us we didn't make the trip has been overwhelming with over 100 blog posts in a few days. MySQL is booming. There are three new engines: Solid, an old friend that I used for testing on my Telenet days and had to drop due to management distrust (lessons we learn when we are young: don't listen to management when choosing technical solutions); PBXT, a brand new engine, fully ACID-compliant with some novel ideas about database layout on disks (white paper worth a read); and Falcon, an MySQL.


I do hope Rui has made a mistake with his pills and is seeing things in a parallel universe (got to love the pun). Are they idiots? Technorati Tags: apple, windows


Finally! 1 Gb RAM, 120Gb disk, 256Mb VRAM, 8x SuperDrive DL, 5.5 hours battery life. 3.1Kg, 1/2 Kg more than my current 15" TiBook. Now waiting 2 months to fetch one from FNAC. Technorati Tags: apple, mac, powerbook, macbookpro

MySQL replication

An excellent article about MySQL replication is online at Definitively check it out. Technorati Tags: mysql

Google Maps wishlist

Dear Google Maps, sometimes I see those nice and shiny URL's in other people blogs, you know, like this one: It seems a nice and power-full URL, full of joy. Yet, when I click on it, my Safari browser is not able to load the page. I'm sure that the fault lies on those fun-loving-mac-geeks at Apple that don't know how to code. So in the meantime, can you accept local.