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MySQL updates

The MySQL Users Conference is almost over in sunny California and the output for those of us we didn't make the trip has been overwhelming with over 100 blog posts in a few days.

MySQL is booming. There are three new engines: Solid, an old friend that I used for testing on my Telenet days and had to drop due to management distrust (lessons we learn when we are young: don't listen to management when choosing technical solutions); PBXT, a brand new engine, fully ACID-compliant with some novel ideas about database layout on disks (white paper worth a read); and Falcon, an engine, developed in house by Jim Starkey, a ACID/MVCC guru (two articles about his presentation). And as a final item in the storage engine department, Oracle renewed the InnoDB aggrement with MySQL. All in all great news.

I've also been collecting all the talks that are online, and reading all that I can find. So far the one I liked the most is from Ask Bjørn Hansen (online at his site). But there are others:

Some Flickr information, partly MySQL-related, was also covered in a recent O'Reilly Radar by Tim. This last one is specially useful for people dealing with tags (Hint, Hint, you know who you are :) ).

Unrelated to MySQL UC, J. Scott Johnson also made a presentation on php|tek about MySQL at

There are common themes:

  • data partitioning;
  • small (mostly two servers) master-master clusters, many of them;
  • InnoDB, some MyISAM;
  • memcached, perlbal (Brad should be proud);

Other presentations I would love to see online, or some notes:

Great times for MySQL. Great times indeed.

Update: got a couple more presentations related to MySQL. I'm just linking them here for future reference: