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OSCON 2006

OSCON is well underway and the cool presentations are starting to appear online. I like to read them and collect the ones I find more important to me. As a side effect, I'll keep this article updated with all the links collected. RHOX, by Audrey Tang: if you don't like Perl because the syntax scares you, you haven't seen nothing yet. If you like Perl because the syntax fits your brain, prepare for brain surgery;Plagger, by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa: Plagger rocks, I've been using it, but the Notify::Pizza is too cool - whenever Miyagawa writes "I'm hungry" on his blog, Plaggers orders him Pizza using a WebService…;ppencode, by TAKESAKO Yoshinori: Fun, Fun, Fun!

I'm trying to use the organizer to sort some of my work. Usually I use small 3 by 4 cards, and they are great to collect stuff to do, but they are not that great when I need to organize them into projects and define priorities. First impressions are good. It's a simple script with a simple command line interface. One of the first things I did was adding a short alias, t, as suggested at their site.

Folder syncronization

Status: I'm now using a recent version of iFolder for Mac OS X Intel by Boyd Timothy. Works perfectly. Recently my wife needed a solution for folder synchronization between her laptop (mostly at home) and two other PCs at the office. I searched a bit for a solution and I noticed two things: GDrive speculation and iFolder. A GDrive sighting appeared in some blogs recently, in the form of a project named Platypus.

Movie Stores

I'm a big fan of the iTunes Music Store. My main reason is that I hate waste, and I'm not a big fan of owning the jewel case in which CDs are sold. In the last few years, for every CD I bought, I just rip it into iTunes, and store the jewel case with the CD somewhere. So iTMS is a big plus for me: I can just purchase the music I want, download it and be done with it.

Blogging in a Intel Mac world

After a couple of posts, I've decided that for now I'll keep using TextMate for my blogging needs. The last time I wrote about this, Mark Papadakis suggested MarsEdit. I know about MarsEdit, I think I'm entitled to a license because I bought a previous version of NetNewsWire that included the blog editor that eventually lead to MarsEdit. Anyway, I think that for my personal needs TextMate is enough, no need of nothing else, and given that TextMate is mostly always running, a new post is a shortcut away.

Apple Dashboard E.T.-style hobby

Apparently E.T. is not the only one that is trying to phone home. Although it appears that no personal information is being sent, I don't believe that is the point. The main point is that the release notes of 10.4.7 suggest this feature as an option at install time, not a recurrent event. Personally, I would prefer a better explanation on the release notes and a documented way to turn it off.

On-line status is up

Wildfire 3.0 is out, and the upgrade of went very very well. The new plugin interface is very nice and I installed the on-line presence plugin. After a bit of lighttpd-config magic, I added a new domain,, as a public gateway to it. The relevant lighttpd.conf setup is this: $HTTP["host"] == "" { server.document-root = "...." accesslog.filename = "...." server.indexfiles = ( "index.html" ) url.rewrite-once = ( "^/(.*)" => "/plugins/presence/status?


I'm back, after 5 weeks of vacation/new baby stuff. I'm mostly up-to-date at work, but I have a lot of little items marked in my NetNewsWire to write about. Having kids is great, but it channels most of your free time.

The green screen of death

Apparently Apple doesn't like blue, it prefers green. And I got it. So far the two Apple Knowledge Base articles referred there, 302520 and 302679, don't work with me. I've also used the Mac OS X that already came with the Macbook. If this isn't solved soon, I'll backup my Home and Applications folder and reinstall the laptop. Back to the diapers...

Blogging with TextMate

Ok, this is my first attempt to use TextMate to post here. Although I've used ecto up until now, I was not totally happy with it, and now with the Macbook, I prefer to use only Universal Binaries. So no ecto. Will see how it goes. If you can read this, then it's not that bad...