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Blogging in a Intel Mac world

After a couple of posts, I've decided that for now I'll keep using TextMate for my blogging needs. The last time I wrote about this, Mark Papadakis suggested MarsEdit.

I know about MarsEdit, I think I'm entitled to a license because I bought a previous version of NetNewsWire that included the blog editor that eventually lead to MarsEdit.

Anyway, I think that for my personal needs TextMate is enough, no need of nothing else, and given that TextMate is mostly always running, a new post is a shortcut away.

In case you are feeling curious about the blogging bundle, you should check the screencast. Even if you are not curious, I would suggest that fast forward to 6:13 and see how easy it is to include a picture on your posts. Very cool stuff that you can do with TextMate bundles.

Anyway, I'll be looking out for a Universal version of ecto, but until then, TextMate it is.

(BTW, if you how to write a URL to a QuickTime movie with a specific start time, please let me know. I know it is possible with a local <embed> tag, specially crafted, but I was looking for something like of URL.)