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Love porcelain

I just love the porcelain around git, in particular cogito. They have great error messages: cg-commit: unable to revert the original patch; the original patch is available in /tmp/gitci.tWnPNq/patch.diff, your edited patch is available in /tmp/gitci.tWnPNq/patch2.diff, your log message is in /tmp/gitci.tWnPNq/logmsg.diff, your working copy is in undefined state now and the world is about to end in ten minutes, have a nice day Any software written by Douglas Adams fans is a good software.

If you use TextMate and Skitch, you might have found that the excelent ''Comment selection'' command from the Source bundle will no longer work with the ⌘/ shortcut. The problem is that one of the hot-keys of Skitch is exactly that key combination and for something that I don't use that much (Capture Frame). So go into Skitch Preferences and change it.

iPod Reset Utility

Between me and my brother, we had three iPod Shuffle that iTunes wouldn't see, nor the previous iPod reset utility. They where pretty much dead. Apple released a new version of the iPod Reset Utility, and this latest version (1.0.2) was able to recover all of our iPod's. So if your Shuffle is not recognized by your iTunes, check out this latest version. It worked for us.


I bought my TV 1 or two months ago, but I've only been using it in the last 3 weeks or so. I was expecting to connect it to my standard definition TV but I made a big confusion between component video and video by components. Somehow I was expecting to plug the box into a standard s-video... Anyway, now that I got it connected to an HDMI TV (a Samsung LE32R32B if you must know) and stuffed it with video content, I can tell you a bit about my experience.

Now seriously, iPhone SDK

I'm not a indie Mac developer but I buy a lot of their wares and it has been a major factor making my Mac experience more pleasant than any other previously had. And as some of them, I was disappointed about them not getting the iPhone SDK they all wanted. It would spur a flurry of applications for sure. But bottom line: the iPhone is a very restricted platform. Low memory, battery operated, and very different user interaction than your keyboard/mouse combo.


There. I did a iPhone post. I'm cool. Not.

Macbook prices vs PC prices

First, let me just say, in case you are new here, that my current main work computer is a Macbook Pro 17", 1st generation. Today I came across a comparison between a MacBook Pro 17" and a Asus laptop, with a big title like "I'll prove to you that MacBook Pro cost $500 more than PC". To be blunt: who the fuck cares? You should buy the best tool for the job you are planning on doing.

Safari 3 speed

As with all Steve jobs keynotes, everything is great, all Apple apps are the best of the world. The part about Safari 3 was no exception, and he mentioned that Safari is now the speed champion. As always, speed is subjective and some times difficult to test, but I remembered the ExtJs library speed tests for DOM matching. The cool part of these tests is that they do about 28 tests with several different JS libraries.

WWDC 07: Safari

To me the most unexpected news out of WWDC 07 was Safari available on Windows. At first, all I could think was: WTF?? Why waste precious engineering resources on this?? But after the announcement of the "iPhone SDK", it all makes sense: they need a Webkit-capable browser available on all platforms to make it easier to test future "iPhone Apps". That small detail aside, Safari3 is working ok for me with the latest Mac OS X 10.