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Macbook prices vs PC prices

First, let me just say, in case you are new here, that my current main work computer is a Macbook Pro 17", 1st generation.

Today I came across a comparison between a MacBook Pro 17" and a Asus laptop, with a big title like "I'll prove to you that MacBook Pro cost $500 more than PC".

To be blunt: who the fuck cares? You should buy the best tool for the job you are planning on doing. An electrical saw from Black & Decker is probably a lot cooler to own than a classic carpenter saw, until you need it in a middle of a forrest, with (shame on nature) no electrical plugs.

The second thing that pisses me off, is that this comparisons will only focus on features and hardware. What about subjective features like operating system and derived productivity of the combo hardware-software? Oh, yes, of course, those are hard things to quantify, given that they are subjective, but you cannot make a intelligent decision without thinking about that.

Really, I wish there was some sort of kill-file for Web stuff...