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Let see this stick...

First of all, if you like the music you are listening to right now, that you downloaded from somewhere, and if you have no plans on paying for it, you should be ashamed. I would like to see this stick though: Tracking down suspected file-sharers may soon become more difficult throughout the EU. In an advisory opinion released shortly after the Offenburg decision, an advocate general for the European Court of Justice ruled that ISPs are not required to disclose subscriber information in civil infringement cases.

Love / Hate relationship with GTD

I've read the book, adjusted some of the things mentioned to fit me and my personal style, but I've always fallen short of nirvana. My "inbox" is very distributed. I have to check several ticketing systems for several projects I participate, on top of all the things that arrive via email. I'm also very command line oriented, and I still write a lot of code, sprinkled with TODOs and FIXMEs.

Refreshing views

I like this article. Competition rules. Now start flaming away, I know YOU want it... Hmms... I need a badge, "Flames accepted" or something, there is a badge generator somewhere...

I work at 8 different projects now (5 consulting, 3 personal business), and between them, I use 4 different version control systems: cvs, svn, git and darcs. To keep myself sane, I developed a set of front-end scripts to deal with the most common operations: diff, commit, add files, and update. Starting today and during the next week I'll post all of those scripts online, and eventually I'll also repackage them in a repository that people can pull from if interested.

Chair dance

In a Ars.Technica article: Portugal's meeting was even more interesting. In what can only be described as a comedic farce, representatives from Microsoft attempted to argue that Sun Microsystems, the creators and supporters of the competing ODF document standard, could not be given a seat at the conference table because there was a lack of chairs. In the debate, representatives brought up many of the standard criticisms of Office Open XML, such as the infamous "AutoSpaceLikeWord95" tags.


There is a episode 1 of Californication floating around, I just finished watching it. The first four minutes are the kind of thing you want to have lying around to show your best christian friends when you want them to leave. It should most definitively do the trick. The rest is also very good. Lets see if they can keep it up (literally). David Duchovny really has to work hard in his bed this time.


Over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog: So what does this mean? Well, once you've got ssh installed on your iPhone and active, you can access your iPhone from a shell on your Mac. You can send and retrieve files using scp or sftp. And you can use the compilation toolchain to build other Unix utils or even your own software. It's just a short matter of time until perl and other command-line utilities are iPhone-ready. Harry Potter logistics

via All Things Distributed: 2.223 million pre-orders on our sites world-wide. 1.4 million on alone. These orders trickled in over the period of 5.5 months, but from a distributed systems perspective today is the day as these orders go en-masse from pre-orders to orders, being charged and delivered. It is one smooth operation. The planning for single day delivery is truly impressive, especially on the supply-chain, transportation and fulfillment side where we need to do this without impacting the regular delivery flow.

My Audible collection

Well, pfig fell asleep while listening to a Audible book. I could tell you some nice stories about pfig falling a sleep... But I wont. Anyway, he seems to thing that I drink my Harry Potter cool aid via Audible, and its not true. Although I do have book 6 in audio, it was the first Harry Potter I did listen to, because its the only one there. BTW, it is very well done, recommended.

Man of the world, unite!

Some of my best girl friends are lesbians, but as I told one of them, it would be a terrible waste to let her move to the other side. :) In the meantime, lets add Bionic Women to the set of TV series to follow this season.