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Imagine this: you have a set of standards that have grown complex over time;people all around are using variations of the theme, simpler and effective;you decide that you should also simplify things on your side.what do you do?Of course! You set up six committees to simplify your protocols. Because we all know that committees and simplification come hand-in-hand, right?


I'm sick, I could not stop giggling with this. Fortunately I'm not alone.


Does this mean that they are bankrupt?

iGTD stuff

I'm enjoying my iGTD experience. I think there is a lot of good stuff in there, and with some MailActOn stuff and some mail rules, I've been able to use very effectively as a Inbox for everything. I still miss a easy way to track external tickets, but maybe we can work around that with the Pro version and some plugins. Update: Ok, found it! Just select all the projects... Stupid me.

Just now, in the uf mailing list, there was a message by Alexandre Van de Sande about a Developer Works article about HTML5. It seems that HTML5 has a set of semantic tags with lot of potential, and some of them cross into (until now) micro-format territory. I skimmed through the Developer Works article and one particular element caught my attention: <progress />. From the article: The progress element represents the state of an ongoing process, like the progress bar in a graphical user interface (GUI) application.

Display resolution

At work, I use two displays: the internal 17" 1680x105 of the Macbook pro, and a external 20" 1680x1050. The problem is that the DPIs of each monitor are different: the external has 3" more at the same resolution. This makes me almost never use the 17" for work stuff, and stuff it mostly with long-lived tasks or log tailing windows. Now I'm trying something different. I've lowered the resolution of the 17" to 1440x852 (stretched) and that makes the 17" much closer DPI-wyse to the external one, and I can have real work windows there.

Apple keynotes and the Apple TV

Is it just me or isn't it a bit stupid that I cannot see Apple Keynotes in a Apple TV. I can sit through gigabytes and gigabytes of YouTube trash, but looking at Apple Keynotes, noooo.... sighs

HTML Rich Editors

This last week I went around shopping for a HTML rich editor, those "little" JS things that learned in Hogwarts (Hi, pfig! ;) ) some spells to turn normal text-areas into Word look-alikes. Anyway, this is my short list right now, in no particular order: Asbru Web Content Editor: fully supports Safari, commercial but inexpensive. Supports tables;YUI Rich Text Editor: fresh out of the oven, not tested yet, but YUI always makes my short list;ExtJS Lightweight HTML Editor: I already use ExtJS so this also makes the list, but it seems very limited, to be investigated;TinyMCE: this has been my choice on other occasions but Safari support is lacking a bit.

Apple stuff

Busy day, so not much time to write. Highlights from yesterday Apple announcements: F$%#$%Q&#$%! Airport Extreme got GigabitEthernet now. I bought mine 4 weeks ago! Anybody wants one, good old Airport Extreme base station? Tested? The reason I would like to have gigabit: shared disks, which this base station supports;The new keyboard is beautiful, but I will have to wait until I can try it out. I don't know if I will like the feel.


If you want/need to receive money from your customers online, you now have another option: Amazon Payments. 250 pages of docs... That will take time.