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HTML Rich Editors

This last week I went around shopping for a HTML rich editor, those "little" JS things that learned in Hogwarts (Hi, pfig! ;) ) some spells to turn normal text-areas into Word look-alikes.

Anyway, this is my short list right now, in no particular order:

  • Asbru Web Content Editor: fully supports Safari, commercial but inexpensive. Supports tables;
  • YUI Rich Text Editor: fresh out of the oven, not tested yet, but YUI always makes my short list;
  • ExtJS Lightweight HTML Editor: I already use ExtJS so this also makes the list, but it seems very limited, to be investigated;
  • TinyMCE: this has been my choice on other occasions but Safari support is lacking a bit.

At the moment I'm biased to the first one, just because it supports Safari and Table editing. But I might stick with ExtJS simpler editor if it has all the feature I really need (mostly bullets).